TTC Broodmare update: Blue Geranium

1st May 2018

We are pleased to report, Blue Geranium (nickname Blue) has started her broodmare career off fantastically. Everything has been straightforward with her so far with no post foaling complications, and she’s doing her foal very well.

Stud Manager Natalie Folland reports: “She’s a great mum – she’d steal everyone else’s foals too if she could!

“Her Gleneagles filly foal is getting stronger by the day. I’m delighted with her physically and she has a great attitude. Our current aim is to send her to the Tattersalls Foal sale at the end of the year.”

Another exciting update for Blue, is that she has today scanned in foal to Coolmore’s exceptional first season sire, Churchill.

Natalie said: “We felt that Churchill was a perfect match for Blue both physically and on paper. Given the quality of her Gleneagles filly we decided Blue deserved another high class cover. It’s safe to say we’re already looking forward to the 2019 foaling season!”

A 14 day scan of Blue’s pregnancy is pictured below, which shows a spherical and rapidly growing ball of cells which forms the early stage of the pregnancy; at around 20 days this pregnancy will have almost doubled in size and fixed itself to the right or left horn of the mare’s uterus where it will continue to grow into a foetus.


From this point she will be scanned periodically to check the pregnancy is developing normally. Although she has been scanned in-foal, its relatively common for pregnancies to be lost at this early stage when it has yet to fully establish itself within the uterus, therefore it is crucial to monitor the viability of the foetus at various milestone stages.

The early pregnancy development stages are as follows:

15 days – 1.5cm diameter, spherical, growing rapidly and mobile.

20 days – 2.5cm diameter, less regular, fixed in uterine horn

22 days – embryo visible, ‘heart-beat flicker’

28 days – 3.0cm diameter, two compartments

42 days – Foetus with navel cord

60 days – Anatomical features recognisable including gender

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